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About us

E.A. HVAC LLC is family business owned and operated by Earnest Alexander, serving the greater Charlotte area.

We opened to provide affordable, professional HVAC service with a focus on courteous, personalized care.

Your home should be a comfortable space for your family - let us help!

Contact us at 704.771.5953 today for a quote - we think you'll be glad you did!

What satisfied customers have to say!


  1. C. Stocker
    C. Stocker
    "I've had the pleasure of working with Earnest the owner since I moved into my home in 2013. From general inspections to replacing blower motors, control boards, and capacitors, EA HVAC has always taken care of any problem that I have had at an affordable price. The best part about working with Earnest is that he is a hard working and honest guy. I have never had to worry about him over charging me or selling me on a fix or piece of equipment that I don't need. I highly recommend EA HVAC to all my family and friends!"
  2. J. Kelson
    J. Kelson
    "Mr. Alexander was very courteous and professional. He explained everything that he was doing even included diagrams and used lay terms that I could I understand. He was very knowledgeable about my system and his pricing was fair. Last but not least, he fixed the problem something that the original installers didn't do."
  3. H. McNeil
    H. McNeil
    "I would like to say this company does Excellent work and at reasonable price. I Highly recommend this company."