E A HVAC Maintenance installation services Charlotte NC


We will safely and efficiently repair any issue with your current heating and cooling system - 24/7

Prompt repairs

We will safely install a brand of air conditioner that fits your needs and take care of removing old units as needed
Our Services
  1. Maintenance
    We will make any necessary repairs to your heating and cooling system
  2. Installation
    We will install the best brand or component to suit your heating and cooling needs.
  3. Referrals
    Our connections in the industry mean you can rest assured you will be taken care of
Customer Referrals
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Customer Satisfaction

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What You Can Expect
Our technicians are equally trained and knowledgeable to service or repair your HVAC system.
Want a discount?
We pride ourselves on being an affordable, competitive service provider - ask how to get a discount today!
24/7 Service
We know your family's comfort and safety is important, and not all heating and air conditioning issues happen during business hours
Affordable, professional service
Our customers appreciate our commitment to professional, courteous service that won't break your budget
About Us
EA HVAC is owned and operated by Earnest Alexander, serving the greater Charlotte area.
We opened to provide affordable, professional HVAC service with a focus on courteous, personalized care.

Your home should be a comfortable space for your family - let us help!